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Boy I didn't Know That

Creating The Big Boy Attitude.

I thought that this first blog should focus on what this web site is all about. Well some of it is quite obvious, fashion I suppose for one thing, men's grooming products for another and products of leisure and hobbies perhaps.

Would you like to have some input on what products interest you? I hope so as I would like to hear directly from you as to what your interests are. 

I would like to offer some Hot Sale Events that you would perhaps like to shop. We will feature new merchandise each week. You could subscribe to our weekly news letter which will alert you to what is on sale.

Well let's think about Fashion Clothing for a Moment:

Here are three quick fashion tips for you to consider.

  1. How it fits is of utmost importance. One of the most important improvements you can make to your style look is how well everything fits. Wearing clothes that are too large or too small does nothing good for you Big Boy. Wearing clothing that is almost hugging your body is what you should be looking for in a garment that you are about to purchase.
  2. Big Boy Lets Make it Simple. You want a clothing collection that's looking great on you. Over doing accessories with your Big Boy Look is not what you want to do. Focus on simple but stylish looks. For example a good casual look would be a nice black striped dress shirt, a casual jacket perhaps in a Denim Look and a pair of dark colored jeans. Hold the jeans up with a dressy belt. How about a nice watch and a necklace to pull it all together.
  3. Experiment With Your Big Boy Look. The best way to learn is to go out and experiment and try new things. Make an effort to get out of your comfort zone. Look for new looks but don't get bogged down with what everybody else is wearing. Your're the Big Boy so go with what you like but also be aware of those around you who can give you good feedback.


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